What Does Jack Rabbit Signature Beaded Rabbit Mean?

The Jack Rabbit Signature Beaded Rabbit provides three speeds of rhythmic enjoyment ball activity, with beads which run across the front, back, and sides of the silky silicone shaft and move up and down to provide waves of rolling, massaging bliss. The double-eared bunny stimulator supplies seven purposes of independent vibration, pulsation and escalation to tease and externally.

Double motors are controlled with a simple three-button interface situated on the bottom, and allow you to use the stroking beads or clitoral stimulating attributes independently or simultaneously at the tempo that is ideal for you.

The luxurious Jack Rabbit Signature Collection brings thrilling dreams to life with all the sensational Silicone Thrusting Rabbit. The beautifully designed massager has 7 lively vibration capabilities and 3 mind-blowing thrusting speeds for a fun experience of a life. To maximize and customize your pleasure, the easy-touch 3-button control pad enables you to independently operate the abundance of vibration and up-and-down thrusting options.

The accuracy thrusting tip has a powerful up-and-down action to ensure beaded rabbit you always hit just the perfect place. The fluttering nose and ears of the ravishing rabbit houses a powerful vibration motor delivering blissful external stimulation. The soft, elastic teaser vibrations may be used independently in the thrust purpose for the ultimate in a customizable pleasure experience. The self-sealing charging port on the base of this massager allows you to charge your fire within 150 minutes. Utilize the slick 3-button control pad to dial into over an hour of passionate pleasure play.

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